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Everyone wants healthy looking skin, right? We spend hours in the cosmetic aisle skimming over products that promise to smooth wrinkles, even out dark spots, and minimize pores. We’ve all spent a countless amount of money on acne scar creams, wrinkle creams, weight loss products, and we buy shampoos with vitamins for hair loss; these products all sound like miracle workers, but over time, have you seen a change in your skin or your hair? Are you looking for actual results? Are you looking for a new way to achieve the bright skin and full hair that you have always wanted? Well, here’s the answer. Get everything you want at home with our mobile medical service.

PRP therapyVIP Medical Aesthetics

Our team of aestheticians are dedicated to improving your skin, your hair, and kick start your weight loss goals. Skin care doesn’t have to be a never ending battle with unfulfilled promises from cosmetic companies. Don’t fight with yourself in the mirror each morning. Our method of skin care is personalized, and we want to give you only the best.

  • If you want your skin to feel like it did when you were younger, we offer dermal fillers which will give your skin a lift and give your lips the life and bounce they once had. Dermal fillers will also reduce wrinkles and scars that have left indentations.
  • Along with dermal fillers, we also offer Botox injections and other neuromodulators to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • If you are experiencing thinning hair, see how PRP therapy can give your hair a fullness that will make others jealous. This platelet-rich plasma therapy can naturally give you thicker hair.
  • Are you looking to get past your weight loss struggles? B12 injections and HCG injections for weight loss are new and innovative methods to help you out. These treatments, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can give you the help and motivation needed to achieve your goals.

At VIP Medical Aesthetics, you can get it all in your own home, whether you’re looking for dermal fillers, PRP therapy, HCG injections, or help with your weight loss goals. VIP Medical Aesthetics offers a mobile medical service, allowing you to get the skin tone and thick hair you desire from the comfort of your living room. Visit our services and give us a call today to schedule a spa day with your girlfriends. Also, be sure to check back to read up on tips and other informative blogs to aid in your skin toning journey.