neuromodulators-2Treating millions of people every year, neuromodulators help many reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines without the downtime, pain or serious side effects of plastic surgery. A non-invasive alternative to other cosmetic procedures, these injections are quick, affordable and offer highly-effective results.
Our neuromodulators menu includes:

Botox – As a world-recognizable brand, Botox has led the way for many dermal fillers. Erasing crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines, Botox injections offer patients smooth, natural results without downtime or side effects.

Dysport – Relaxing the facial muscles, DySport is highly recognized for its safe effectiveness as a neromodulation. Typically lasting for three to four months, results have been accompanied with few side effects, allowing users to experience smooth, wrinkle-free skin without serious side effects.

neuromodulators-1Xeomin – Injected into muscles to block the nerve impulses that cause movement, Xeomin, like other neuromodulators, smooth crow’s feet, chin dimples and frown lines without extensive downtime or discomfort. Lasting for months, it is recommended that clients undergo additional treatment up to three times a year.

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