All men have a natural decline in testosterone of 1 to 2% per year after the age of 30. This slow decline in Testosterone level is referred to as andropause. An estimated 13 million men in the United States suffer from low testosterone. Most men are unaware of their condition.

Symptoms of low Testosterone levels include:
• Fatigue and lack of motivation
• Increased body fat
• Decreased sexual drive and performance
• Decreased mental clarity
• Increased irritability, depression and mood swings
• Decreased muscle mass and tone
• Decreased cognitive function and verbal memory
• Decreased motivation
• Sleep disturbances

What to expect from a Testosterone booster at VIP Medical Aesthetics
We know that you want our testosterone injection services to give you back your life instead of interrupting it. If you think you are one of the 13 million men in the United States suffering from low testosterone, contact us and we will send you a brief questionnaire to take. If you are eligible for low testosterone therapy, we will order your lab test to take before you visit our clinicians to get you in and out quickly. If your test results indicate that your levels are deficient, a medical professional specializing in men’s health will discuss your treatment options. We prescribe Testosterone that after we teach you how to administer you will self-inject into the muscle tissue in the privacy and comfort of your home every two weeks so you don’t have to interrupt your busy life to go to the clinic to receive the testosterone injections. Our medical professionals will monitor testosterone levels carefully by doing periodic blood work to make sure you are receiving the optimal treatment to alleviate your andropause
symptoms. At VIP Medical Aesthetics, we want you to look and feel your best, so you can give your best to the ones you love.

What are the expected benefits of Testosterone booster therapy?
• Increased mental clarity and overall mood 95 percent
• Increased energy levels 85 percent
• Increased whole body muscle volume 65 percent
• Improved cognitive function and verbal memory 60 percent
• Improved overall sexual satisfaction level 40 percent
• Decreased waist circumference 35 percent

Our Prices are very competitive. Payment is required at the time of service in the form of cash or credit/debit cards. We do not send out bills of any kind to insurance companies but will provide you with a properly coded invoice that you may submit to your insurance carrier for possible out of network reimbursement. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Saving Account (HSA) you can use them.

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