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Cosmetic Sclerotherapy continues to be the preferred treatment for smaller varicose and spider veins, and can achieve remarkable results. It is most commonly performed on the legs, but can also be used for veins on the hands, chest, and sometimes the face. Varicose vein treatment is fast, easy to undergo, and virtually painless. It requires no downtime, and you can return normal activities on the same day as the procedure.

About the Procedure (Sclerotherapy)
Varicose vein treatment is quite comfortable and typically requires no anesthesia. Via a tiny needle, medication is injected directly into the problematic veins. The procedure involves injecting a solution directly into the vein, causing the walls of the vein to seal shut so it eventually disappears from view. Depending on how extensive the veins are, the procedure lasts anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. After sclerotherapy treatment, you put on your compression stockings and are able to resume most normal activities.

What to Expect after Sclerotherapy
After varicose vein treatment, you will be asked to wear compression stockings for a brief duration. While you should be able to return to work immediately, high-intensity aerobics, weight lifting, saunas and hot baths are to be avoided for one week. There are no other restrictions on activity. Early results may be seen immediately, but the healing process is gradual. Several sclerotherapy sessions are usually required to achieve desired results.